Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training

The T-Bosiet (Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) program offered by ONGC is a comprehensive training initiative designed to equip offshore personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure their safety and well-being in challenging offshore environments. Divided into four modules, the program covers essential topics ranging from industry and installation overview to helicopter safety, sea survival, first aid, fire fighting, and self-rescue techniques. Participants will learn about offshore hazards, regulatory requirements, and practical strategies for managing and controlling risks. With a focus on hands-on training and real-world scenarios, the T-Bosiet program prepares individuals to confidently respond to emergencies such as helicopter emergencies, fires, and evacuation situations. By fostering a culture of safety and preparedness, ONGC aims to empower offshore workers to mitigate risks effectively and ensure a secure working environment for all personnel.

Who can pursue: All offshore going personnel
Duration: 3 days
Mode of Training: Physical/ATI-ONGC Goa

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Training Objective

To introduce delegates to the specific safety issues and regimes relevant to offshore installations, and to equip them with the basic emergency response knowledge and skills for travelling to and from offshore installations by helicopter in a tropical environment.

Topics Covered

Module 1: Safety Induction

  • Industry and Installation Overview

  • Offshore hazards

  • Managing offshore safety

  • Controlling offshore hazards

  • Regulating offshore safety

  • Living and working offshore

Module 2: Helicopter Safety and Escape

  • Helicopter travel

  • Helicopter emergencies

  • Use of Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)

  • Practical Helicopter Escape Techniques

  • Additional CA-EBS Training (In-Water)

Module 3: Sea Survival and First Aid

  • Evacuation (standby vessel, Fast Rescue Craft (FRC), Mechanical Rescue and Recovery Device (MRRD), net, basket and ladder & TEMPSC – “Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft”)

  • Emergency first aid

Module 4: Fire Fighting and Self-Rescue

  • Fire fighting offshore

  • Self-Rescue