OPITO Major Emergency Management Initial Response (MEMIR)

If an incident occurs, the first few minutes of the response are critical to escalation prevention and to the successful conclusion of the event. Even in a built-up area where the emergency services can be quickly summoned it is still the initial response that dictates the outcome and someone must take control. Imagine then the pivotal role of an emergency manager in a facility located in a remote region, or more demanding still, offshore, where the installation is surrounded by acres of water and assistance is limited. Prior to undergoing a formal assessment in emergency management, individuals need initial training in addressing major emergencies on-site and an evaluation of their performance under stressful conditions. Emergency management necessitates distinct qualities and skills that differ from those required in daily routines.


The aim of the MEMIR Training is to equip personnel with formal training in command, control, communications and stress-related factors in the management of major emergencies. A Major Emergency Management Initial Response course provides personnel with formal training in command, control, communications and stress-related factors in the management of major emergencies In addition, this programme also provides initial emergency management training for personnel who are undertaking a training and competence programme to progress to the role of an emergency response manager.

Why Pursue OPITO MEMIR Course?

  • Equips delegates with critical skills needed to effectively respond to major emergencies, ensuring a proactive approach to safety.

  • Enhances their ability to handle dynamic incidents.

  • Demonstrates adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

  • This certification serves as evidence of an individual’s readiness and competence in managing major emergencies

  • Emphasizes coordination within emergency response teams. Participants learn how to work collaboratively, fostering effective communication and teamwork during crisis situations.

  • Provides individuals with the capability to evaluate and alleviate risks linked to significant emergency situations

Who can Study OPITO MEMIR?

  • The target group for Major Emergency Management Initial Response (MEMIR) training is personnel who are either designated as being in charge of, are members of, or provide support to an emergency management team in an emergency.

OPITO Major Emergency Management Initial Response (MEMIR) Course – Topics Covered


  • Major Emergencies that can Occur

  • The Emergency Manager

  • The Emergency Command Centre facilities and Information Management

  • Pre-Planning and Maintaining a State of Readiness

  • Dealing with Stress


  • Assessing the Situation

  • Taking Effective Action

  • Maintaining Communications

  • Delegating Authority

  • Managing Self and Team

Prerequisites – OPITO MEMIR

Training activities outlined in this standard may involve physically demanding and potentially stressful components. All individuals engaging in such activities must be physically fit and capable of full participation. Therefore, delegates either

  • Possess an operator-approved medical certificate or

  • Undergo medical screening via OPITO-provided form

OPITO MEMIR training delivery:

  • Physical

  • Off campus

Duration of OPITO MEMIR Course:

  • 2 Days