OPITO Confined Space Awareness, Confined Space Entry & Rescue from a Confined Space (CSE)

Confined space operations are routine in the energy sector, particularly in oil and gas, petrochemicals, and utilities. Despite their necessity for maintenance and inspections, these operations pose risks due to limited entry points, potential hazardous atmospheres, and physical hazards. To mitigate these risks, comprehensive training and assessment in Confined Space Awareness, Confined Space Entry, and Rescue from a Confined Space are essential. These aspects collectively empower personnel with valuable knowledge and understanding, enabling them to navigate confined spaces with increased safety and efficiency.

OPITO Confined Space Course

This training program comprises three interconnected courses: Confined Space Awareness, Confined Space Entry, and Rescue from a Confined Space. Initially, delegates will gain insights into confined space definition, regulations, hazards, and control measures. The training covers practical skills for confined space entry, encompassing testing, proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and emergency escape procedures. The program also prioritizes confined space rescue, emphasizing legislative compliance, Safe Systems of Work, and the appropriate use of PPE. Assessment involves evaluating participants’ knowledge and practical proficiency through guided demonstrations to ensure a comprehensive understanding of safe practices in confined space activities

Why Pursue OPITO Confined Space Course?

  • Gain a heightened understanding of the potential hazards associated with confined spaces, contributing to a more safety-conscious mind-set.

  • Ensures that participants are well-informed about industry regulations and standards related to confined spaces, promoting compliance and adherence to safety guidelines.

  • Acquire foundational knowledge about confined space entry procedures, safety protocols, and the importance of following industry best practices.

  • Learn to recognize warning signs and potential indicators of confined space hazards, allowing for early intervention and risk mitigation.

  • Contributes to accident prevention, reducing the likelihood of incidents and injuries.

Who can Study OPITO Confined Space?

Personnel working in

  • Offshore Platforms

  • Onshore Installations

  • Plants & Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS)

Personnel across the energy sector who:

  • Possess an existing theoretical understanding and awareness of Confined Spaces, associated hazards, and guidance

  • Require the practical skills necessary for entry into a confined space

  • Want to gain the knowledge and skills to conduct rescue from a Confined Space

OPITO Confined Space Awareness, Confined Space Entry & Rescue from a Confined Space (CSE) Course – Topics Covered

1. Confined Space Awareness


  • Applicable regional legislation and guidelines

  • Confined Space definitions and recognition

  • Hazards associated with confined spaces

  • Hazards arising from work conducted in confined spaces

  • Roles and Responsibilities for confined space entry including restrictions

  • Atmospheric testing in confined spaces

  • Safe Systems of work for confined spaces

  • PPE and RPE and equipment used in confined spaces

  • Communication methods when working in confined spaces

  • Emergency procedures and rescue plans and required equipment

  • Toolbox talk and Dynamic Risk Assessment prior to confined space entry

2. Confined Space Entry


  • Atmospheric testing through correct operation of monitoring equipment

  • Hazard identification and dynamic risk assessment

  • Pre use PPE and equipment checks

  • Don and use of full SCBA

  • Donning and operating (including checks) an escape breathing apparatus (EBA) with a mask and hood prior to egress from a confined space.

  • Using a pressurised cascade breathing system with an activated EBA

  • Establish and check lines of communication

  • Entry and Egress to and from a confined space

  • Egress from a confined space in an emergency situation

3. Rescue from a Confined Space


  • Applicable regional legislation and guidelines for emergency arrangements

  • Hazards associated with confined spaces

  • Common causes of confined space emergencies

  • Safe Systems of work for confined spaces

  • Emergency response communication

  • Emergency response communication

  • Roles and Responsibilities for emergency arrangements

  • Emergency Rescue Plans

  • Rescuer safety

  • Fire safety

  • Rescue and resuscitation equipment

  • SCBA equipment and how to don and doff

  • Confined space rescue techniques


  • Creation of a scenario-based rescue plan

  • Pre use emergency equipment checks

  • Donning and use of full SCBA set

  • Execution of a scenario-based rescue plan using appropriate rescue techniques

  • Communication using appropriate methods

  • Use of emergency rescue equipment

  • Use of resuscitation equipment

OPITO Confined Space training delivery:

  • Physical

  • Off Campus

Duration of OPITO Confined Space Course:

  • 4 Days