Safety in Production Onshore

Safety Awareness and Behaviour Based Safety (SBBS) training stands as a cornerstone in the pursuit of fostering a safety-centric workplace culture. This specialized training approach recognizes that the actions, decisions, and attitudes of individuals profoundly impact overall safety performance. SBBS training is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, observe, and modify behaviours that influence safety outcomes within the organization. The ultimate goal is to instil a culture where safety is not merely a set of rules but an ingrained aspect of daily operations, resulting in sustained improvements in safety performance and well-being.

Who can pursue: All executives and non-executives
Duration: 3 Days
Mode of Training: Virtual/ Physical/ ATI-ONGC Goa

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Training Objective

To facilitate behavioural and attitudinal changes within individuals, thereby contributing to a transformative shift in the safety culture of an organization. To identify and address unsafe practices, communicate effectively, and promote a culture of continuous improvement; the collective result is a cultural shift towards a safer, more resilient organization.

Topics Covered

  • Safety culture and Behaviour Based safety

  • Behaviour of Individual & collectives in case of emergency-psychology

  • Understand the concepts of Behaviour Based Safety

  • Behavioural Changes needed to bring about a Sound Safety Culture

  • How to bring about Behavioural Changes