Refresher Course for Fire Personnel

A targeted program crafted to enhance the skills and insights of individuals already trained in fire fighting. The course not only reinforces fundamental but also introduces cutting – edge methodologies, equipping fire personnel with the knowledge and experience needed to navigate evolving challenges in fire emergencies. Over a combination of practical exercises and theoretical modules, participants will delve into the intricacies of fire suppression, rescue operations, and hazard mitigation.

Who can pursue: Fire Personnel (up to E0 Level)
Duration: 5 Days
Mode of Training: Physical/ ONGC – Betul, Goa

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Training Objective

To rejuvenate and update the expertise of fire fighting professionals in essential techniques and practical skills. Aimed at ensuring that fire personnel maintain peak performance in their critical roles, this course provides a thorough review of fire fighting strategies, blowout control, various drills, exercises with SCBA, encompassing the latest industry advancements and safety protocols.

Topics Covered

  • ONGC Fire service set up

  • Fire prevention & protection philosophy

  • Identification of hazardous materials & areas

  • Classification of hazards

  • OMR, RCP, OISD requirements

  • Maintenance & servicing of fire extinguishers, hose & fittings

  • Extinguishing media

  • Fire Protection system & Maintenance

  • Fire & Gas Detection system

  • Work permit System and preventive measures during Hot /Cold permit

  • Audio visual on “Petroleum fire”, “Emergency planning” Case Study

  • Burns, fracture, Shock, Suffocation, asphyxiation & CPR

  • Occupational Health Hazards

  • Blowout Control

  • Offshore Fire Fighting system

  • Donning and Doffing exercise with SCBA Set.

  • Intensive practical exercise with SCBA in fire, smoke & toxic atmosphere, Live Fire Fighting in smoke house & Vessel entry using BA Set.

  • PPE

  • Rescue Techniques, Knots & Lines

  • Hose drill, Hydrant Dry/Wet Drill, PT & Squad Drill

  • Pump drill & Fire Tender Drill, Ladder drills. Rescue Drill

  • Mock drill & exercise at various fire & emergencies scenarios