Pressure-fed Fuel Fire Fighting

Fire is widely recognized as the most prevalent threat to human lives and property. In civil aviation industry, the risk of an unforeseen fire poses a significant danger, capable of causing not only multiple fatalities but also substantial property loss viz. Aircraft.

Who can pursue: Airport Fire Fighting and Rescue Personnel
Duration: 2 Days
Mode of Training: Physical

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Training Objective

To train Airport Fire & Rescue personnel in handling Pressure-fed fuel fires at during aircraft operations.

Topics Covered

  • Hands-on-practice on Operation of Fire Extinguishers in the leaking Pressure-fed Fuel Pipeline Fire.

  • Physiology of Respiration & Breathing Apparatus. Donning and doffing procedures. Survival in Smoke and Search & Rescue operation. PPE & Rescue Techniques.

  • Demonstration of BLEVE and Tackling Leakage & Fire in Road Tanker Truck.

  • Combating fire in a storage tank along with Search & Rescue Operations.

  • Critical Operations & Fire Fighting in vicinity of high heat radiating pressure-fed fuel fire of storage tank bund fire