Fire Station Management

Fire Station Management plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of fire fighting operations. It also essential for maintaining exemplary functioning, ensuring the safety of both fire fighting personnel and the communities they serve. This tailored program focused into the multifaceted aspects of strategic planning & incident command, central components of Fire Station Management, effective decision-making during emergencies, contributing to the overall success of fire fighting operations. By the course’s conclusion, participants will emerge with the proficiency to lead their teams with confidence, ensuring the delivery of top-tier emergency services to the communities they serve.

Who can pursue: Fire Station in Charges and Shift in Charges
Duration: 5 Days
Mode of Training: Physical/ ONGC – Betul, Goa

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Training Objective

To accomplish a comprehensive set of ambitious goals designed to ready fire service professionals for effective leadership and efficient administration within fire stations. This course provide participants with an in-depth understanding of effective personnel management, duties & responsibilities, resource allocation, occupational hazards, inspection & maintenance, and emergency response coordination in fire station. Participants should be well-prepared to navigate the complex aspects of fire station management, ensuring operational excellence and the overall safety and effectiveness of their stations.

Topics Covered

  • Structure & Functioning of ONGC Fire Services

  • Functioning of Fire Stations

  • Duties & Responsibilities of Fire Station Officials

  • Inspection & Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment / System

  • Occupational Hazards & Physical Fitness