Fire Risk Management

Effectively managing fire risks stands as a fundamental duty for every employer, and for many, it constitutes a primary occupational safety and health obligation. A severe fire has the potential to lead to the loss of numerous innocent lives and can also result in the complete destruction of a business. The Fire Risk Management course is structured to grasp participants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to recognize, evaluate, and address potential fire hazards in diverse environments. This training is valuable for professionals across different industries, including fire executives, operational, and health and safety personnel, aiming to enhance their competency in minimizing the impact of potential fire incidents.

Who can pursue: Fire Executives, Operational and HSE Personnel.
Duration: 5 Days
Mode of Training: Physical/ ONGC-Betul, Goa

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Training Objective

To facilitate delegates in making meaningful contributions toward a safer environment by understanding and managing fire risks systematically. Familiarize participants with the proper utilization of fire fighting equipment, PPE & breathing apparatus, communication procedures, emergency response, evacuation procedures, and promoting a proactive approach to fire safety by instilling the principles outlined in OISD-117.

Topics Covered

  • Objective, Hazards in operational areas, F/F resources at installation

  • Hazards in Operational Areas, F/F Resources at installations, Fire-Prevention & Control, Portable & Fixed F/F equip (theory)

  • Fire-Causes, Prevention & Control

  • SOP

  • Housekeeping

  • Communication Procedures

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Case Studies

  • Role of Security Personnel in Fire Fighting

  • Layout and Visit to the Area

  • Safe Evacuation

  • Mob Control, Restriction of unauthorised vehicle / personnel / media

  • Sentiment Control

  • Records of Incident

  • Mock Fire Exercise

  • Communication of Fire Incidents to Fire Section

  • PPE & Breathing Apparatus Set

  • Fire Fighting Equipment’s

  • SOP for critical jobs, Housekeeping, Case Study

  • Mock Fire exercise