Blow-out Control Contingencies

This customized course is crafted to immerse participants in the critical strategies and protocols required to manage and mitigate blowouts, a significant challenge in the energy industry. The course not only focuses on theoretical aspects but also provides hands-on insights, allowing participants to develop practical skills in handling blowout situations effectively. This course aspires to equip participants with the expertise needed to implement effective preventive measures, respond swiftly to emergencies, and reduce the impact of blowouts on personnel, the environment, and assets.

Who can pursue: Fire Discipline
Duration: 3 Days
Mode of Training: Physical/ RCMTRJY

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Training Objective

To inculcate participants with information and competency required to effectively manage and control blowouts in the oil and gas industry. Participants will comprehend the fundamental principles of well blowouts, blowout control, emergency response, fire prevention, exploring the causes and consequences of such incidents. This course seeks to immerse participants in the latest technologies and methodologies employed in blowout prevention, response, and recovery.

Topics Covered

  • Hands on Training on Blowout Control Equipment.

  • Blowout Control and Fire fighting Simulation

  • Role of Fire man in keeping the area cool to facilitate working of CMT personals, case study of PSP#19 & Dikom#15

  • Blowout of DND#9 of Oil India Rajasthan & Kharsang#60, GeoEnpro & importance of fire team in prevention of fire.

  • Emergency Response in E & P Industry

  • Role of Fire personnel on the onset of disaster and Blow out

  • Importance of Well Control & Blow out Control Equipment at the time of crisis.

  • Blowout Control Techniques

  • Offshore Blowout of G-1-9 & NSBX

  • Lesson learnt from Blowout RO-9 of Tripura Asset & KHAS of Jorhat Asset

  • OLPAD#31 Blow-out, Fire Fighting & other control measures.

  • Case Studies Santhal# 153 & Santhal# 263