Basic Fire Fighting

Fire is widely recognized as the most prevalent threat to workplace safety, with the potential for devastating accidents and incidents. Regardless of the industry, the risk of an unforeseen fire at the workplace poses a significant danger, capable of causing not only multiple fatalities but also substantial property losses. In this dynamic and essential course, participants will immerse themselves in the fundamental principles of fire fighting, gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of one of the most challenging and critical professions. Fire fighting training imparts a set of practices and procedures aimed at mitigating the destructive impact of fire hazards.

Who can pursue: Operational Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Emergency Team Members
Duration: 3 Days
Mode of Training: Physical

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Training Objectives

  • To understand and implement the concepts of fire prevention and protection philosophy in petroleum industry

  • To be able to get familiarized with various fire fighting and rescue equipment

  • To be able to get practical hands-on training on SOPs of different firefighting and rescue equipment

  • To understand about fire safety aspects at installations, emergency response plan

  • To be able to learn the techniques and strategies of fire fighting and search & rescue in various scenarios which may happen in a petroleum industry

  • To be able to know the correct method to operate appropriate fire-fighting equipment as per the nature of the fire

  • To become more confident and capable to respond to fire incidents and manage fire emergencies

  • To become members of the fire fighting and search & rescue teams of their work-places

  • To be more effective fire and rescue team members in the continual improvement of HSE performance

Topics covered

  • Fire Sciences, Classification of Fire, Fire Extinguishing Techniques, Fire Extinguishing Media and Hazards in Petrochemical Industries

  • Fighting Fires in Pressure-Fed Oil Leaking Pipelines & Electrical Panel with Fire Extinguishers

  • Physiology of Respiration & basics of Breathing Apparatus Set and its Donning & Doffing procedure

  • Survival in Smoke and Search & Rescue operation in smoke filled room

  • Brief about Fire Hose and Hose Drill. Communication procedure

  • Techniques to handle pressurised Fire Hose & Hydrant Drill. Practical use of different Braches/Nozzles.

  • Demonstration of BLEVE

  • Tackling Hydrocarbon Road Tanker/Truck leakage & fire

  • Combating Fire inside Oil Storage Tank with Foam System/Equipment

  • Critical operations & Fire Fighting in vicinity of high heat radiating pressure-fed fuel fire in tank Dyke