Advanced Fire Fighting

Advanced Fire Fighting training plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of individuals, properties, and communities in the face of fire emergencies. Fire teams are entrusted with the critical task of responding swiftly and effectively to various incidents, ranging from minor blazes to large-scale conflagrations. The training of fire team members goes beyond the acquisition of basic firefighting skills; it encompasses a comprehensive understanding of fire safety, emergency response procedures, and the ability to work seamlessly within a coordinated team. This training is designed to cultivate a well-rounded and proficient fire team capable of managing emergencies with precision and professionalism.

Who can pursue: All Onshore / Offshore & Base Office personnel / Outside Agencies or Company.
Duration: 5 Days
Mode of Training: Physical/ ONGC – Betul, Goa

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Training Objective

To ensure that fire team members can identify and mitigate potential fire hazards, demonstrate proper use of fire extinguishers, and implement preventive measures to minimize the risk of fires in various environments. Equip fire team members with the knowledge and skills to respond swiftly and effectively to fire emergencies, including understanding evacuation protocols, emergency medical response skills & Foster effective communication.

Topics Covered

  • Fire Hydrant Operating Techniques and Communication Procedure

  • Hands-on-practice of operating Trailer Fire Pump

  • Techniques to handle Pressurised Fire Hoses

  • Hands-on-practice of using Foam making Equipment & different Nozzles

  • Physiology of Respiration & Breathing Apparatus

  • Survival in Smoke and Search & Rescue operation. PPE & Rescue Techniques

  • Common First-Aid Techniques, CPR & other Life Saving Practices during Emergency Scenarios

  • Combating Fire inside Oil Storage Tank with Foam System/Equipment

  • Fire Fighting and Search & Rescue at Drilling / Work- over Rig

  • Fire fighting & critical operations in vicinity of high heat radiation

  • Practical Training with SCBA Set in Confined Vessel

  • Fire Safety at Installations, Work Permit System & Emergency Response Plan

  • Familiarisation of various Fire Fighting Equipment & Systems in Training Ground and demo of BLEVE

  • Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers during Oil & Gas Pipeline Leakage Fire and Electrical Panel Fire

  • Familiarisation of various Fire Fighting Equipment & Systems in Display Centre