Accident/Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

A specialised course developed to enable participants with essential skills in examining and insight the factors contributing to accidents and incidents. In this course, participants will probe into various investigative techniques aimed at uncovering the root causes behind incidents, providing a thorough cognizance of the circumstances leading to undesired events.

Through a combination of theoretical understanding and practical exercises, participants will learn to apply systematic approaches to accident and incident investigation. The course focuses on cultivating proficiency in identifying contributing factors, analysing data, and ultimately determining the root causes that demand attention for preventive measures.

Who can pursue: All executives
Duration: 2 Days
Mode of Training: Virtual/ Physical/ ATI-ONGC Goa / Off Campus

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Training Objective

To familiarize delegates with various investigative techniques for accidents, incidents, and losses. This training aims to expose participants to diverse methodologies, investigation tools, and approaches used in the investigation process, enhancing their skills in analysing and determining the root causes of accidents or incidents. Through this exposure, participants will gain valuable insights into effective investigative techniques, building an exhaustive understanding of the factors contributing to losses.

Topics Covered

  • Accidents and its impact on Society Industry & Environment

  • Definition of accident and their classification with reference to ONGC guidelines

  • Reporting system as per protocol

  • Different formats and timelines for reporting

  • Constitution of enquiry committees and scope of enquiry as per guidelines

  • Accident Causation Models- Stages of an accident such as direct causes, indirect causes, root causes

  • Accident Investigation Tools like Fault Tree Analysis, Management Oversight And Risk Tree, Sequentially Timed Events Plotting, Causal Tree Method

  • Work Accidents Investigation Technique

  • Accident Investigation Tools- Different techniques

  • Accident Investigation Tools Techniques with case study

  • Case studies with analysis for ruling out the different contributing factors and find out the root cause of accident

  • Case studies contd. Direct & indirect costs of workplace accidents

  • Data Analysis of Accidents

  • Report writing based on root cause analysis and Lessons learnt

  • Workshops