NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

Environmental management plays a vital role within an organization for several reasons. It assists in minimizing the environmental impact of operations, ensuring compliance with regulations, and reducing associated risks. The responsibility for implementing effective environmental management practices typically rests on environmental professionals. However, a notable portion of professionals lacks comprehensive environmental knowledge, emphasizing the necessity for expertise in current trends and best practices. To bridge this gap, NEBOSH has introduced an Environmental Certificate course specifically designed to equip professionals with essential environmental expertise.

NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate Course

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate, a globally recognized qualification, offers a robust technical and practical introduction to environmental management. It covers a diverse range of topics detailing methods and approaches for assessing environmental issues following ISO 14001 standards. Additionally, it provides insights into enhancing energy efficiency and executing energy management tactics in line with ISO 50001 guidelines. Pursuing this qualification enables individuals to assist their organization in managing both positive and negative environmental aspects. Moreover, it aids in implementing and enhancing effective environmental management systems continually. This course is ideal for those seeking to comprehend environmental challenges, devise sustainable practices, and actively engage in handling environmental concerns within their professional roles.

Why Pursue NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate course?

  • Grasp various environmental issues to enhance environmental performance and minimize adverse impact

  • Engage within an environmental management system and actively contribute to continual improvement

  • Identify environmental aspects and their impacts and assess the effectiveness of current controls

  • Provide support for decision-making through ethical, legal, and financial arguments.

  • Improve proficiency in communication, leadership, and problem-solving and empower active participation in organizational environmental initiatives

Who can Study NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate?

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is suitable for various roles, including,

  • Environmental Professionals

  • Environmental Consultants

  • Health and Safety Professionals

  • Managers and Supervisors

  • Individuals aspiring to switch careers or seeking advancement

  • Individuals involved in environmental management responsibilities

NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate Course – Topics Covered

Unit EMC1: Environmental Management (Theory Paper)

  • Element 1: Foundations in Environmental Management

  • Element 2: Environmental Management Systems

  • Element 3: Assessing Environmental Aspects and Impacts

  • Element 4: Planning for and dealing with Environmental Emergencies

  • Element 5: Control of Emissions to air

  • Element 6: Control of Environmental Noise

  • Element 7: Control of Contamination of Water Sources

  • Element 8: Control of Waste and Land Use

  • Element 9: Sources and Use of Energy and Energy Efficiency

Unit EMC2: Assessing Environmental Aspects and Associated Impacts (Practical Assessment)

Prerequisites – NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

  • A minimum standard of proficiency in English is required

NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate training delivery

  • Virtual

  • Face to Face

Duration of NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate Course

Type Training Days Training Duration Exam Duration
Day 6 34 hrs 24 hours (EMC1 – Online Open Book Exam) + (EMC2 Project Submission)

Assessment Method – NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

Units Type of Assessment Passing Grade
Unit EMC1 Open book assessment (OBE) 45%
Unit EMC2 Practicals
Assessing environmental aspects and impacts in the workplace. – Project Submission
A ‘Pass’ must be achieved in both units to achieve the Environmental Management Certificate

What to Pursue after NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate?

  • NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management (EDIP)