IOSH Working Safely

Numerous employees globally may lack a comprehensive understanding of safety protocols, potentially leading to risks within their organizations. The IOSH Working Safely (WS) course stands out as a crucial remedy for this gap in knowledge. This program effectively arms employees with fundamental safety skills, empowering them to navigate their work environments more securely.

Offering accessible and standardized safety education, such as the IOSH Working Safely course, enables organizations to tackle this deficiency in safety awareness. Such training provides valuable guidance on recognizing workplace hazards, clarifying individual responsibilities in upholding safety standards, and implementing practical safety measures.

Furthermore, by investing in these courses, companies not only showcase their dedication to employee welfare but also take proactive steps to mitigate the risks associated with accidents and injuries.

IOSH WS Course

The IOSH Working Safely course is a foundational program tailored for employees across all levels and industries seeking fundamental understanding of health and safety principles. Encompassing various topics in health and safety, this course integrates interactive activities and quizzes to educate employees, empowering them to prioritize safety for themselves and their co-workers. Moreover, by promoting a robust safety culture within companies, this course equips employees to grasp the significance of adhering to safe work practices.

Beyond aiding employees in executing their duties within the organization, this course also lays a solid foundation for further pursuits in advanced IOSH and NEBOSH courses.

IOSH WS Course

Why Pursue IOSH WS course?

  • Attain a certification recognized worldwide
  • Enhance essential skills and knowledge in health and safety
  • Boost workplace efficiency and self-assurance
  • Meet job requirements without facing injuries or health issues
  • Promote personal safety and the sustained prosperity of the organization
  • Progress to the next stage of one’s career.

Who can Study IOSH WS?

Individuals aiming to

  • Acquire foundational knowledge of health and safety practices and principles
  • Initiate a career path in the field of health and safety

IOSH Working Safely Course – Topics Covered

  • Module 1: Introducing working safely
  • Module 2: Defining hazard and risk
  • Module 3: Identifying common hazards
  • Module 4: Improving safety performance

What are the Prerequisites of IOSH Working Safely?

  • Proficiency in English at a minimum standard is necessary

IOSH WS training delivery

  • Virtual
  • Face to Face

Duration of IOSH WS Course

Type Training Days Training Duration
Day 1 8 hrs

Assessment Method – IOSH WS

  • All learners should be assessed in two ways

Part A: Knowledge and comprehension

Multiple-choice Examination

  • Learners must undergo one of the four standard assessments under controlled examination conditions.

  • These assessments comprise 20 questions presented in various formats.

  • Each assessment paper carries a maximum of 33 marks.

  • A minimum score of 20 out of 33 is necessary to pass this section.

Part B: Practical application of learning

Hazard Spotting Exercises

  • Each assessment includes four hazard-spotting questions and four questions regarding the potential harm caused by hazards and the most effective methods to control it.

  • Each assessment paper is allotted a maximum of 16 marks.

  • A minimum score of 10 out of 16 is needed to pass this section.

To be eligible for a Working safely certificate, delegates must have a total score of 30 or more

What to Pursue after IOSH WS?

  • IOSH – Managing Safely

  • NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC)

  • NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (IDIP)

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